Crease Photo
Our House, The Laredo Entertainment
Center, Proudly Hosts the Laredo
My Big Goaltender, Abigail Joy. She is
my pride and... Joy! A true God-given
My  Tiny Goaltender, Samara Regan.
She has been a true testimony of God's
unfailing love & protection over us.
Our little fighter.
Patrick Roy. The Best Netminder in
the NHL
Stonie modeling his favorite boxers
(can't show you the rest)
My Shell, Don't Leave Home (ice)
Without it! Heee, Heee...
Stonie, the Mountain Man.
Daydreaming of retirement at Squaw
Valley USA Elevation 8200 feet.
There was not a soul around to take
the picture... so I did it myself, pretty
good, aye?
Mrs Stonie, the utmost love of my life
on Earth. Besides, she is a Hockey
Chick, yowza!!